Year over year improvements to the soil health – like it or not!

MrBrownThumb shares harvest of Roma tomatoes

There are times when the busy day-in and day-out of our lives catches up to us and we forget some little things. For example, @MrBrownThumb forgot to tend to his garden. That happens and we can all appreciate the experience that he shared with us. Luckily for him, he had mixed biochar into his soil the season prior. Biochar’s year-over-year benefits are being seen in his Twitter post from this September. The soil had benefited from the healthy ecosystem that biochar creates. We are not suggesting that biochar is a soil amendment that you add to your soil and walk away to watch plants grow without any other care. We are saying that biochar has long-term benefits to soil health and MrBrownThumb knows that as well as anyone. Nice tomatoes!MrBrownThumb shares harvest of Roma tomatoes

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