Wakefield BioChar receives Forest Stewardship Council® Certification from Scientific Certification Systems (SCS)

Forestry Stewardship - FSC

Wakefield BioChar has earned the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC®) Chain of Custody certification as a group member of the Small Business Certification Network (FSC® C125400). The Small Business Certification Network is FSC-certified through SCS. Wakefield BioChar is a US-Based carbon technology company focused on sustainably manufactured products and environmental services that make a global impact.

FSC Certified - Wakefield BioChar

This certification will open up a new supply of biochar from responsibly managed forests to help meet the growing demand of green building projects, landscaping and agricultural operations in the United States.

Tony Marrero, co-founder of Wakefield BioChar, remarked “The certification through the FSC of Wakefield BioChar’s supply of biochar creates a clear message that Wakefield is dedicated to sustainable, carbon-negative solutions for soil health and carbon solutions for manufacturing materials.”

The FSC is the global standard-setter for responsible forest management. FSC certification ensures that forestry operations meet a set of environmental, social, and economic criteria that cover compliance with laws and international treaties, land-use and indigenous peoples’ rights, community relations, biodiversity conservation, and maintenance of high-conservation-value forests.

Chain of Custody certification guarantees that wood coming from certified, responsibly managed forestlands is tracked throughout the supply chain, from forest to consumer. Conscientious consumers can look for the FSC logo on wood products to know they are supporting forest management that protects biodiversity and supports local communities.

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