U.N. Report Says CO2 was at an all time high in 2013

The United Nations weather agency reported that 2013 had a record level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. I had two questions when I saw that statistic. One, why does the U.N. have a weather agency? It makes no sense to me. Two, what can we do about global warming if we don’t currently serve as CEO of a major manufacturing company or President of an industrialized country?

The U.N. report went on to note that our 2013 levels of CO2 was 42% higher than before the Industrial Age. That’s also curious because I’m not sure how CO2 was measured back then. But, let’s roll with it. We know that global warming is an issue and we know it’s very difficult to comprehend how we can individually make a difference. You can use your car less often. That’s easy to understand because the less exhaust from your car the less emissions go into the atmosphere. Another thing you can do is use biochar in your garden, potted plants, on your lawn, and with any other planting you do in and around your home. The scientific term that helps our atmosphere is called “carbon sequestration”. It’s the placing of carbon in a solid state back into the soil instead of allowing it to chemically attach to oxygen through decomposition and then move into the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide. You may not even know it but biochar is a carbon negative process. When you put it into the soil it offsets a significant amount of carbon dioxide that would’ve gone it the air.

Biochar Can Make An Impact

One 4×8 raised bed with the Wakefield Biochar Planting Mix will offset the emissions from your car for about a month. The ongoing impact continues to be positive because you will also create more green plants that help exchange CO2 into O2 through photosynthesis and the biochar also works as a filter stopping some natural processes in the soil from releasing CO2 into the air.

It’s the real deal. Biochar works amazingly well to give you the best vegetables, flowers, grass and trees you’ll ever see. It also will help the world outside of your backyard by reducing the impact of greenhouse gases like CO2.

WMO Secretary-General Michel Jarraud said, “We know without any doubt that our climate is changing and our weather is becoming more extreme due to human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels. Time is not on our side, for sure.”

The biochar solution of sequestration is an act that the common man can complete that will make a difference.

Wakefield Biochar… we weren’t kidding when we said “Better Soil. Better Garden. Better World.”

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