Organic Compost


Organic Compost

We develop products at Wakefield BioChar that ensure healthy, thriving gardens. Our OMRI-Listed biochar soil amendments foster optimum plant and grass growth, without using harsh chemicals that can potentially harm the environment. If your soil has contamination concerns from other amendments using our biochar material will support the soil remediation you need to minimize the damage.

As amazing as our products are, they become even more effective when combined with other proven practices. Organic compost is a safe, effective gardening method that infuses essential nutrients into the soil. Composting organic materials also provide other crucial benefits, including soil condition improvement. These benefits become even more evident when organic biochar is added to composted materials.

Wakefield Premium Compost is an OMRI-Listed nutrient-high soil amendment from a wood-based feedstock. Consider using Wakefield Premium Compost as a top dressing on established grass, a part of a custom soil mix for an annual vegetable garden, or the base for laying sod.

Our compost is aged through a four to six-month thermic windrow process. This allows active fungi and bacteria to push the decomposition process. To avoid the risk of unfinished compost, our windrows are turned and rested for 30 days to ensure matured cured compost.

What Is Organic Compost?

Composting is taking organic materials and allowing them to decay to reap numerous environmental benefits. Suppose you would like to make compost in your own backyard. In that case, you should consider an organic compost pile of lawn clippings, flowers, leaves, branches, twigs, fruit and vegetable waste, eggshells, and other natural substances. These substances are deposited into a bucket or bin and decay naturally. The more diverse the compost is, the better. Diversity ensures that the soil is getting a wide selection of nutrients.

As for the benefits of organic compost, you can look forward to a healthy outdoor environment without chemical fertilizers. As compost breaks down, vital nutrients within the organic materials become more available. And when compost is applied to lawns and gardens, nutrients become infused with soil to be used by plants and grass.

Composting can also improve the texture of the soil. As microorganisms and insects eat through the compost, they leave behind small pockets for air and moisture to circulate. This ensures that plant roots have continuous access to what they need to grow healthy and strong.

When soil texture is improved, it also becomes more resistant to erosion.

How Does Organic Compost Work with Biochar?

The benefits of compost become even more impressive when combined with biochar. When composting with biochar, you can look forward to the accelerated decomposition of organic materials. This is because adding biochar increases the compost pile’s temperature, which makes for a faster decay process. Under normal circumstances, a compost pile can take six months to a full year to completely break down.

Because biochar is excellent at absorbing nutrients, it also ensures that a sufficient amount of nitrogen remains in the soil instead of being leached away. Nitrogen is essential for healthy plant growth, as it assists with the production of important proteins that plants need to develop. Additionally, biochar helps convert nitrogen into nitrates as opposed to ammonia. While ammonia tends to linger in the soil, nitrates are readily absorbed by the root surface.

While less harmful than fertilizers from an environmental perspective, compost releases greenhouse gases as it breaks down. Biochar’s ability to absorb substances dramatically reduces the release of harmful greenhouse gases for a more negligible impact on the environment. Accordingly, combining biochar with compost benefits your garden as well as future generations.

Organic Solutions for Your Lawn and Garden

Wakefield BioChar formulates our soil amendments to ensure optimum plant growth with minimal environmental impact. Please reach out to us today for more information on our products and the many benefits they offer.