Golf Course Turf Management and Biochar

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Using biochar for golf course management

Golf Course Management and Biochar: A Review of Publications and Related Communications
Biochar is gaining more and more attention from golf courses and groundkeepers! There are multiple links in this article that you can follow to see how biochar is helping create healthier courses. Using iochar has the same benefits as it would on plants and trees, such as an increased water retention level and a more nutrient-rich soil that grows healthier grass. Golf course management requires a focus on the customer’s experience on the fairways and greens. By improving the course play with a long term cost-effective soil amendment, biochar is proving to be a beneficial input.

Excerpt from the publications associated to this review:

A superficial reading of the Google Scholar information suggests that the application of biochar to golf courses seems to be mostly on areas other than the putting greens. A possible reason for this is the approach used by the USGA which is respected also in countries other than the USA.