Animal Manure and Biochar

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Treating Liquid Manure with Biochar
Many farmers utilize liquid manure from livestock as part of their fertilization process, and biochar can help make it safer and more productive. By administering biochar-treated liquid manure to soil, negativities such as acidification can be avoided. 

Poultry Litter Biochar, a US Perspective
One form of biochar is Poultry Litter (PL) biochar. PL biochar is unique because it’s made from poultry manure and coop bedding materials. It has special qualities such as a higher nutritional content and a better ability to absorb heavy metals. This paper lists the benefits of PL biochar production, how to best use it as a soil amendment or water purifier, and additional uses for poultry litter.

Fourfold Increase in Pumpkin Yield in Response to Low Dosage Urine Enhanced Biochar
This Agriculture journal publication presents and experiment where pumpkin patches were treated with only biochar, only cow urine, and cow urine treated with biochar. The result of the experiment showed that biochar-treated manures are far more effective than either biochar or urine alone, even when applied in relatively small amounts (pg. 13).