Organic Turf Management with Biochar

Organic Turf Management with BiocharHow do you find an organic turf management solution that works?

The need for organic turf management is growing. We are reminding ourselves that the health of your lawn is directly related to the health of the soil it lives in. Many turf management techniques focus on rapidly introducing chemicals that support the growth and color of a nice looking blade of grass but does not consider the long-term impact of the soil’s health.

Chemical fertilizers will destroy the living ecosystem in your soil and create an unsustainable place for your grass to grow unless you continue to pump more chemicals in. Ultimately, a chemical fertilizer solution will sterilize your soil until it is really no different than plastic container holding your seeds.

Our growing awareness of environmental issues has moved our attention to organic solutions to save our soil and create a sustainable, healthy environment for plants to thrive. An organic turf management plan is desirable and, fortunately, it is attainable. Using a Wakefield organic soil mix with biochar provides the natural short-term benefits to spark a healthy stand of grass and the long-term health benefits of a carbon-rich, micro-organism loving soil that keeps your grass strong for years.

The Organic Solution To Healthy Soil And Turf

An organic lawn care solution depends on healthy soil that holds organic matter and lots of beneficial microorganisms to sustain the soil ecosystem. Wakefield Biochar offers two variations to our Organic Soil Mix that makes organic soil management easy. We have a Premium Soil Mix with Biochar and our Mega Turf Builder with Biochar. The differences are based on the need to push a heavier dose of NPK into the soil quickly with our Mega Mix or if you want to establish a premium soil base for planting grass, gardens, flowers, trees and shrubs with the Premium Soil Mix.

Organic Soil Mix Product Options

Wakefield Organic Soil Mixes are available in bulk. Contact our staff for details.

Wakefield Premium Soil Mix with Biochar             Wakefield Mega Turf Builder with Biochar

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