Micro Invest & Crowd Lifting

We are fairly certain we made one of those two terms up over a large pot of coffee and a decision to ask for your help to spread the word about the benefits of biochar. Micro Investing and Crowd Lifting are two very different concepts.

Micro Invest (coming sometime in the future)

Look for our Kickstarter project in the future.. or, some kind of crowd funding option. We know that will go a long way to getting Wakefield Biochar into the public conscious. We need to educate as much as we want to sell bags of Biochar Soil Conditioner. It’s a big deal and it will take more time than we’d like unless when can get your support. We promise you will get some cool stuff with your donation. Some of the gifts for donations will include stickers, t-shirts, bags of Biochar and the possibility of a fully design and built 4×8 raised bed right to your front door.

Crowd Lifting


Don’t worry about donating! Please share our site with your friends and family. Spread the word and we know Wakefield Biochar will take off. It’s a great product that has huge benefits for your backyard and just about everyone’s backyard. Lift up the message with a simple “like” or “pin” or post. We would be eternally grateful and we know the good karma will make you feel warm and cozy in all your shakras.