Compost HERO Biochar Blend

The HERO blended biochar from Wakefield mixes a microbe-rich compost with mycorrhizal fungi into Premium Biochar Soil Conditioner for an optimal performance. Wakefield has developed a powerful biochar blend to bring life to your soil. HERO products give you what you need for better soil and a better world.

About Wakefield Compost HERO

The family of Wakefield HERO products are available for any planting project that needs that extra biochar bonus of organic greatness. All biochar needs to work with the organic material available to it in the soil. Compost HERO is Wakefield’s Premium Biochar blended with OMRI listed compost and mycorrhizal fungi to make sure you get the benefit of biochar right away.

What is Wakefield HERO made from?

  • Wakefield Premium Biochar Soil Conditioner
    This is a wood-based biochar made through pyrolysis that has a high carbon content.
  • OMRI Listed Compost
    Sustainably manufactured, organic compost that proven to immediately impact the nutrients and soil health.
  • Mycorrhizal Fungi
    A little bit goes a long way in your soil. The mycorrhizal fungi provide increased water and nutrient absorption capabilities. In return, plants provide the fungus with carbohydrates formed from photosynthesis.
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Wakefield HERO - Plant Test
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Ordering Info

Wakefield Compost HERO is currently available for online purchasing in bags and bulk. For bulk orders of HERO product contact a Wakefield sales representative
at (573) 479-0468 or email [email protected] if you have any questions.

How Can It Help?

By using Wakefield HERO you are:

  • adding organic carbon to your soil to increase water retention and nitrogen absorption.
  • letting nature grab more nitrogen and keep it in the soil through the additional microbes inoculated into the biochar.
  • reducing the potential of disease in the soil.
  • creating an amazingly healthy living ecosystem in your soil that your plants need to thrive year after year.

With the HERO soil conditioner, you are using nature’s power to give your soil the organic super-strength it needs to grow amazing flowers, trees, vegetables and lawns.

Send Your Questions To Wakefield:

The Wakefield Staff is available to answer your questions about the HERO products. Send us a note and we will respond within one business day.

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