Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm Uses Biochar For A Healthy Soil Ecosystem

Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm Uses Biochar To Support A Healthy Soil Structure

It has been great to see Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm take advantage of biochar to support a healthy soil structure. There are quite a few challenges to a successful rooftop garden. Not the least of which is the lack of the typical creepy-crawlies in the soil that help maintain the organic content. Plus, the literal weight of soil on a rooftop can become a challenge. Biochar has shown its ability to allow a healthy home for bacteria and other micro-organisms to stay in the rooftop garden and the unique structure of biochar does create a  lighter soil composition — problems solved!

Biochar is fundamental to creating a healthy soil structure. The carbon particles are the perfect home for good bacteria, water retention and absorption of critical nutrients. If your soil is lacking the right amount of organic components and you rely on synthetic additives to fertilize your planting we sincerely recommend biochar to help restore the life to your soil.

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