Use Biochar Soil Conditioner To Improve Your Soil

Wakefield BioChar Soil Conditioner

Wakefield biochar products are sustainably made from wood waste in a process designed to optimize the natural benefits of carbon and improve soil health organically. Wakefield Biochar Soil Conditioner is made from a wood feedstock offered in small and large bag sizes, as well as, larger bulk orders. Find the right Premium BioChar products in the online store.

Why You Should “Charge” Biochar

Biochar absorbs water and nutrients into its pores. Biochar will have a more immediate impact on your soil health if you charge up those pores prior to mixing it into the soil. Charging biochar is simple. Mix biochar with an organic compost, worm castings or premium top soil. It will also help to keep the mix moist (not soaked) with water. You can let it sit for a few days or mix it right away with the soil. You’ve charged your biochar. Don’t worry, if you don’t charge the biochar it will naturally go through this process in the soil over time and still give you a healthier soil.


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Key Benefits of Biochar

There are many reasons why biochar is great for your soil. Biochar is a purely organic solution to improving your soil’s health and ability to grow fantastic plants. It can help your garden, lawn, trees, flowers and shrubs. One application of biochar will last 100’s of years.

  • Grow Better, Healthier Plants
  • Reduce CO2
  • Use Less Water
  • Reduce Fertilizer Waste
  • Activated Charcoal for Plants
  • OMRI Listed and FSC Certified
  • 100% Organic
FSC Certified - Wakefield BioChar

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Recommended Application

A 1 cu/ft bag can be mixed into the top 4 inches of an 8′ x 4′ garden. It is also appropriate to top dress over 375 sq/ft of soil. As a rule, apply biochar to 5-10% of the soil. 

Bulk Biochar Available

A large ‘super sack’ size bag (2 cubic yards) of Wakefield Premium Biochar is made primarily from a soft pine wood. All bulk shipments of our super sack will be shipped by freight. Please call or email Wakefield Biochar with questions regarding shipping service and estimated delivery.

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Options for Blended BioChar & Compost

Wakefield has made applying biochar even easier with our HERO line of blended biochar. We have combined organic compost and mycorrhizal fungi to give your biochar the best possible conditions for success. Contains 20% Wakefield Premium BioChar. Get increased microbial activity and an immediate organic impact makes this premium product worth it.

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