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Wakefield Biochar - 1 cubic foot box

The Benefits of Wakefield Premium Biochar

There are many reasons why biochar is great for your soil. Biochar is a purely organic solution to improving your soil’s health and ability to grow fantastic plants. It can help your garden, lawn, trees, flowers and shrubs. One application of biochar will last 100’s of years.

A 1 cu/ft box is good for an 8’x4′ garden mixed into the top 4 inches or you can spread it over 375 sq/ft of soil.

Healthier soil = Better yields
Drought resistance
Long-lasting benefits for your soil.
Reduces Global Warming…Seriously!

Biochar in bulk - 2 cubic yard super sack

Bulk Biochar Available

A large ‘super sack’ size bag (2 cubic yards) of Wakefield Premium Biochar is made primarily from a soft pine tree. All bulk shipments of our super sack will be shipped by Freight to a commercial address. Please call or email Wakefield Biochar with questions regarding shipping service and estimated delivery.

Quantity Discounts
Wakefield Biochar offers significant price discounts on purchases of a trailer or more. Contact a Wakefield representative for more detail.

Call: 573-479-0468

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