BOOST Plant and Soil Microbiotic

These Soil Microbes Will Make A Difference

Wakefield BOOST is a microbe inoculate that enhances atmospheric nitrogen absorption and solubilizes naturally occurring phosphorus bound to soil particles. BOOST contains “free-living” bacteria, fungi and organic enzymes.


Nitrogen fixing

Stimulate plant reproduction

Assimilate both P and K

Break down plant residue

Suppress disease


Wakefield BOOST may be used directly on the plant,  soil and compost material. BOOST is a recipe of good bacteria and enzymes that thrive in biochar. It is recommended to mix BOOST with a Wakefield Premium Biochar Soil Conditioner. The carbon structure and nutrients of biochar provide a healthy ecosystem for the living bacteria to contribute to your plants and soil.

Ordering Info

Wakefield BOOST products are currently available in bulk for commercial use. Contact Wakefield staff at (573) 479-0468 or email [email protected] to begin your ordering process.

Send Your Questions To Wakefield:

The Wakefield Staff is available to answer your questions about the BOOST products. Send us a note and we will respond within one business day.

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