Biochar – Water Retention Capacity Demo

Water Holding Capacity Demo

Biochar has a lot of benefit for the soil. One, in particular, has been touted frequently — its ability to retain water. See this quick demonstration of how Wakefield Biochar immediately absorbs water. This is a great way to help your soil resist drought conditions as long as possible. Water retention in soil along with a responsible watering schedule can prolong a plant’s life.

As weather patterns change and drought conditions find there way to regions that do not normally experience a lack of rain it is important to find efficient and effective ways to keep the soil fertile and healthy. Mixing in biochar to just a few percent of the soil that reaches the roots of your plants will make a big difference to their success rate.

If you are unfamiliar with biochar this is a great way to learn more about this completely organic solution to improving your garden, lawn, shrubs or any other planting. Learn more through other biochar blog posts.


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