Is Biochar Easy To Clean Off Your Hands?

Is Biochar Easy To Clean Off Your Hands

Wakefield Biochar gets questions from customers from time to time — which we love! One question came to us asking if our biochar was oily and if you need soap to wash it off your hands. That kind of question is best answer with a video. We can tell you all day you don’t need soap but it’s best to see it for yourself.

It is important to remember that biochar is manufactured for agricultural purposes. If you biochar has a lot of oils condensed into the carbon particles it will create a couple of bad situations. First, these oils are not good for your soil or the plants trying to survive in it. Second, if your biochar has oil in it then the pores that are so beneficial for micro-organisms are no longer accessible. Biochar should not be oily and one way to test it is to try and wash it off your hands without using soap.

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