Partner with Wakefield in Beneficial Reuse of Biomass Waste

Our wholistic approach to beneficial reuse management of biomass waste materials. By connecting recycled biomass as a soil health product directly to the waste management of large manufacturers we are creating a clear path for everyone to participate in the environmental stewardship of our world.

Why Partner with Wakefield BioChar?

Wakefield BioChar is focused on operational efficiencies of the mills and the best soil health amendments at the right price for our retail and agricultural customers. Wakefield’s Beneficial Reuse Division will navigate the complex regulatory requirements of mill operations to create the circular economy we need in this world. Our vision of a ‘Better Soil. Better World.’ is more than a tagline. It is a guiding practice in our daily operations.

What are the Benefits for Industrial Partners?

Working with Wakefield BioChar benefits our Industrial partners in many ways:

  • Focus on your core operations.
    Wakefield takes the management of byproducts with a reliable and effective program. Our dedicated management team will coordinate with Mill Managers frequently to identify changes in required work.
  • Rapid implementation of services.
    It may seem cliché to say ‘been there, done that’ but our experience allows us to start up with your mill quickly.
  • Decrease operating costs.
    Competitive service pricing and the opportunity to leverage our Zero Landfill service to return RNG or steam back to your mill for energy cost savings.
  • Experience with proven solutions.
    Our management team has been working with beneficial reuse solutions for decades.
  • Show your community your strategy includes their well-being.
    Many times the community close to the mill will benefit the most from our soil health services. Your community will know that you are focused on the soil and water quality that impacts them the most.

Environmental Managers

The importance and urgency of Environmental Managers’ work increases every year. More manufacturers are in the public eye and continually building environmentally sensitive solutions that have to be achievable with their budget and operational infrastructure. Wakefield BioChar is a partner in the constant review of solutions. This continual innovation helps keep our partners focused on product and profit while we manage the biomass waste. The Wakefield team works with leading universities and laboratories to identify new and better methods of operation and novel ways to integrate the soil health products back into the market.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Managers

The treatment of municipal waste, specifically biosolids, is in need of innovative solutions to remove concerns of PFAS and reduce the burden of urban areas to dispose of the large volume of biomass generated. Wakefield BioChar has been working with some of the largest metropolitan wastewater treatment facilities to create a service that meets budget requirements and environmental limits. Partner with Wakefield to remove the need for land application of treated biosolids, create renewable energy and improve the lives of your community members.

What Are The Services We Provide?

Wakefield BioChar offers services in three key areas of mill operations. We can get ‘inside the gate’ and manage the wood ash, wood fiber sludge and lime mud through easy-to-understand off-take agreements. Our reach into the soil health market has helped Wakefield manage 10,000’s of tons of material annually. 

Next, our Zero Landfill Program is the pinnacle of a circular economy initiative. Through carbon-negative production methods Wakefield converts wood fiber, knots & shives, waste wood and waste corrugated material (with plastic, too!) to a high carbon granule used for soil health or remediation and filtration. The volume of waste biomass is reduced up to 20x to make removal economical. In addition to the dramatically reduced volume of biomass, the pyrolysis system will return RNG’s or steam back to the mill for energy. There is enough of this energy to also support the drying of feedstock and heat required to operate the pyrolysis system. This is a true win/win scenario.

Finally, as icing on the cake, Wakefield BioChar includes Mill Land & Road Maintenance. Through our experience we recognize that the general maintenance of the mill fields and roads is best outsourced and with our staff and equipment onsite it has become an intuitive add-on service for minimal cost to mills.

Are you looking for a partner in beneficial reuse?

Beneficial reuse solutions have never been more important. Contact Wakefield BioChar today to see what opportunities we can provide to your firm.

Call our staff at (573) 479-0468 or email [email protected].

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