What Is Beneficial Reuse?

Wakefield BioChar is your partner in the beneficial reuse of biomass and other mill byproducts. Our goal is to help large mills achieve and surpass sustainability goals while reducing their operating costs. These core benefits of beneficial reuse are the basis for a circular economy. Our staff has decades of experience in paper mill biomass waste management that identifies where Wakefield can integrate into mill operations to improve the mill’s profitability and eliminate environmental concerns from waste material.

Wakefield BioChar offers services in three key areas of mill operations:

Inside The Gate

  • Management and off-take agreements for the beneficial reuse of wood ash, lime mud and wood-fiber sludge

Zero Landfill Program

  • The use of pyrolysis/gasification to reduce and eliminate on-site environmental landfill for all biomass and plastics.
  • Generation of renewable energy for direct integration into mill operations.
  • Conversion of mill wastes to biochar for land applications and other revenue generating products.

 Mill Land & Road Maintenance

  • Industrial Landscaping including maintenance of fields and roads.
  • Maintain ponds and piping in support of mill operations.
a yellow dump truck that is often used for transporting soil in beneficial reuse

Why is Beneficial Reuse Important?

The beneficial reuse of waste materials has rapidly become a high priority to large manufacturers. The concept of waste disposal has evolved and mills are more and more responsible for the complete management of materials used in manufacturing. The potential for environmental contamination from biomass waste is no longer overlooked.

Wakefield offers innovative beneficial reuse methods that truly partner with large mills. The biomass waste material is re-purposed for use in other industries through our Soil Health and Advanced Materials divisions.

How is Beneficial Reuse Incorporated into Wakefield BioChar Soil Products?

Raw materials from mill waste production are repurposed and recycled for soil health conditioners that Wakefield BioChar distributes through its Soil Health division. Customers from the backyard gardeners to soil suppliers and farms benefit from these organic, beneficial soil inputs. This is a critical step in the circular economy.

Are you looking for a partner in beneficial reuse? 

Wakefield BioChar is ready to team up with your mill operation to identify what beneficial reuse opportunities we can provide. Learn more about partnership benefits with Wakefield BioChar and contact our staff with any questions.