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Wakefield Biochar
Biochar - Better Soil. Better Gardens. Better World.
Farm Tested. Farmer Approved. Lab Approved, Garden Approved, USDA Approved We feel the love!

What is biochar and why is that guy standing on the roof of that barn?

Wakefield Biochar is a premium quality soil conditioner that gives your plantings the best opportunity for success because it helps create a healthier soil. All of our biochar product contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere by returning carbon to the soil.... oh, the guy on the roof in the picture above? That’s Frank. He’s just excited about biochar.

My tomatoes are bigger than your tomatoes!

Around an ounce of biochar can have the surface area of a high school soccer field. And, if that soccer field uses biochar it will grow faster and fuller. I hope someone has a really good mower this season!

The Wakefield Difference - How a biochar planting mix can make your garden grow better.

We are absolutely proud of our line Biochar Soil Conditioner.

It's great stuff... but why are we different than other soil conditioners (soil conditioners = stuff to help your garden grow). The first point is the obvious inclusion of biochar. Biochar unlocks the full potential of your soil, your seed and the plants that will grow.


But, here is the problem... biochar is not a replacement for your soil. We hate to bring down the fun-meter on this party. When you open a bag of Wakefield Biochar Soil Conditioner you won't see an ethereal glow and rainbows. Biochar is very, very helpful but we want you to use it correctly. If you apply it incorrectly you won't see the immediate benefit. The Biochar Soil Conditioner is manufacturer with USDA Certified Biobased Product and we made sure it will have a low dust factor so you are only dealing with a consistent particle size. There is a difference in biochar manufacturers and we work very hard to be the best at it. So, when you use Wakefield Biochar you will benefit from all of these awesome things:


  • Increase In Plant Growth
    Proven in farms, labs, backyards and pots around the world. Using biochar with your planting will produce healthier plants and more abundant crops.

  • Drought Resistance
    Keeps the moisture in the soil longer with all of the tiny pores built into the char structure. The strength of the carbon keeps intact for hundreds of years and gives your plants a fighting chance when the rain isn't coming as often as you need it.

  • Better Health For Your Soil
    The good nutrients stay in the soil longer and keep your plants healthy. The carbon structure creates a perfect shelter for micro-organisms to live and grow without being washed out or starved for nutrients. Your soil starts to improve immediately from the natural processes... pure organic love!

  • Long Lasting Soil Benefits
    Once you get the process started you can easily keep it going with minimal replenishment of biochar. It is recommended to allow the organic material (compost, crops and other green matter you may have added) to get into the soil to decompose.  A little char will go a long way to sustaining a healthy soil ecosystem.
Test of biochar with oat grass.
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